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Radical Self Expression


stirs stew, still


Stirring solar stew

I brought one of everything, but that wasn't enough. I packed all sorts of clothing and batteries, a solar flashlight--even sanitizer. The second part of my camp was supposed to arrive Wednesday with the stove. We never connected and I heard later that their stove failed for them as well.

The first few days, I made lots of kimchee and shared it. I made a solar stew every day, but that would need reheating at dinner time. Once I joined Supersnail, my daytime staple became energy bars. And I would have a stew and rice ready for everyone at night. "He could take Playa dust and make Tandoori food out of it", said Julian of my cooking.

It seems I must have mildly sprained my knee while packing heavy loads into the truck. And later, that surfaced. I would be fine in the day--naked and barefoot--but when evening fell, the doc martin's seemed a little heavy and I limped around all night. Next year, I will bring a bike. And this bike will be fabulous, by the way. I also lost one of my work gloves early on, which let one hand get even more chapped.

Tent colapsing


It was cold and windy most of the time. It was not what anyone expected. Radical Self Reliance gives way to Radical Interdependence. I became a part of the community and made friends to survive. But No one can help you if you aren't trying to pull your own weight.

As it turns out, everyone I talked to brought too much water, and too much drugs. It was too cold to shower and the Burn is always hyper stimulating on its own.

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