You Will Never be Able to Explain

A Lunar Surface

The Cracks of Time

Time is irrelivant

photo © Randal Alan Smith

Flat as a parking lot, and dry as chalk.  It's more than just the ground we walk upon.  A healing clay is washed over every winter and refreshed.  Tire tracks, ashes, and clear piss will be removed.

The high alkalinity combines with the dryness to create 'Playa Foot'.  Beneath the yellow dust on my sole, I see a red primer.

Some say you can see the curvature of the earth in it's flatness.  For me, it creates a Dalinian landscape, ready for surreal sculpture of melting clocks and crutches.

One night, I was laying flat on the clay beneath the Man.  I was receiving sonic therapy from a didge player.  He was aligning my chackras, when I heard a psychic message that there are time doors out on the Playa.

We spend all year preparing for the 7 days it comes to life.  The e-playa rises from the clay to take on a 3 dimensional form.

And now I look up and see the cracks of the Playa echoed in the clouds.  It calls me back.

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