You Will Never be Able to Explain

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trash

Paper on the pyre

photo © Randal Alan Smith

This year, I was amazed to find a long row of giant megadumpsters on the way out the gate.  So convenient, in fact, that I worried folks would no longer plan on hauling their trash home.  But some people still don't get it.

The cleanup of the Playa is still in progress as I write this (10/06/99).  Once again, some groups left whole camps behind. 

"Honey, are you sure we didn't forget something?  The U-Haul feels a little light."

What happened?  Did people disappear into those time doorways out on the playa?  Did whole camps forget their cars and take a bus home?

Oh, and pink drag-queen boas are so chic.  But those technicolor feathers end up blowing down the playa.  They go right through the trash fence.  And it's not like you can scoop them up with a magnet.

Burning Leaves a Trace

But the real threat to Burning Man's future at Black Rock is, ironically, the burn scars.  When a massive structure is burned, nails are left in the ashes and soot.  Also a black scar is left and must be scraped with draggers.  Bottles should never go into a fire, but the heat is sometimes enough to create glass from the playa itself.

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