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Space Lounge's Plans for a 15 ft Bucky Dome

Space Lounge's Plans for a 15 ft Bucky Dome

It was Summer.  I had already been to Seattle and back.  The Burn was approaching so I started to read up on things at, the e-playa.  This was my second year and I was not going to tag along with someone's else gig.  I was a veteran and I wanted my own camp.  Something zen.  Something clever.  Something that would be a web site full of information all year long.  Museum Of RetroTechnologies was born.

Museum of Retrotechnologies (MORT) was a concept that had been in the back of my mind for quite a while as I drove around.  I always run into things that have been complicated beyond belief.  I always think I have a better way to do things.  And often, that means throwing out high-tech and starting over.  And I wanted some sort of reference for people to learn about these easier ways.  This could be a camp.  I would put it at 3:00, between the Future and the Primordium to represent bringing the wisdom of the past into the future.


Craig and Wendy from OC decided to join me when the focalizer of last year's camp got into a horrible accident.  My neighbor Juliet overheard my plans and invited herself.  Ok, more warm bodies would be helpful in my fiendish plot to take over the world.  Sierra was on a trip in the mountains, so I wasn't sure if he still wanted to be involved in such a mass of human energy.  But he bought his ticket early and stuck with the plan.

Supplies and Building

After much of study online, I settled on Spacelounge's design for a geodesic dome made of metal conduit.  Sierra and his house mates were indispensable in the building of the Bucky dome.  I couldn't have cut and prepped all that conduit without their machine shop.  The dome is now marvelous.  Oh, and I filled some 7-gallon jugs with Santa Cruz spring water at Sierra's where it's on tap.

With just two days on the count-down, I ran to REI for more camping shyte.  There I met two more Black Rock Citizens.  We're talking San Jose, not San Fran.  But with my B-Man T-shirt on, I pulled kin out of the woodwork.  Wherever I went, I was in the company of Burners.  I was in sync with the master plan.  At the surplus outlet I went incognito.  But when I asked for a parachute, everyone knew what was up.  "You goin' to that thing out in northern Nevada?"

A dome for only $120, plus a $70 parachute.  Then a camp web site, like all the pros.  Then I dropped $100 at Smart-and-Final for a kitchen, including a solar oven.  I was all set.

I spent 3 weeks building.  Building a bucky dome, a solar oven, and a web site.  I went to the e-playa and looked for a rider to keep me awake on the drive.  I went online to get some of that electroluminescent wire that was so kool last year.  I gathered and sorted Indian clothes so I could teach draping at the burn, like I promised Chantal.  The electroluminescent wire arrived on time to bring, but I hadn't put a costume together, so I just packed it.

The idea is to spend lot's of money so even a geek can look really cool for one week in the year.


I finally settled on a rider after haggling with several people over cargo space, when I actually have none in the Sentra.  See you on the Playa!

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